The Settlers Haus


Ph: 210.435.jail(5245) or email @


The Settler's Haus is a two bedroom (Q) / two bath house with a large livingroom and a kitchen.

The front porch offers views of the square and early morning sunrises. 


Nightly rate is $165.00 + tax

2 night minimum required.

The Settlers Haus was built before the Civil War in Oakville not more than 2 blocks from where it now stands.  The livingroom in this house used to host neighborhood ladies once a week in making quilts for their families.  The tall ceiling was outfitted with a pulley system that suspended the large quilt rack so the ladies could pull up a chair and sew with ease.  After their quilting sessions, the quilt would then be hoisted up high and secured near the ceiling so that the family could then enjoy the use of the room until the next quitling day came around.


It is a typical style haus for the day, split by a "dog trot" between the two main rooms of the house.  The walk-thru windows of the livingroom allowed the occupants to open up the room and access the long porch in search of cool summer breezes.